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Hi. My name is Jim Miesner, and I’m a writer and a Christian. The proof that I am a writer is evident in the words on this page but also in the other projects I’ve worked on. I’ve written articles for the Christian Post, self-published a book on the Garden of Eden (along with other works of fiction), and ghostwritten a book for a popular conservative children’s author).

All those things make me an author/writer, but what makes someone Christian? I can tell you I own a Bible, was baptized, go to church, serve, have Christian friends, and say grace, but is that what makes me a Christian? Or is it something more? Because if I do all those things but don’t fully believe Christ is the son of God, repent and submit to him, then it’s all a waste of time.

In Matthew 7:16, Jesus tells us, “You will know them by their fruits.” I pray that is the case in my life. That it continues to bear fruit, and that fruit is evident to the people I am close with so that they will draw closer to Christ, but it’s not something you will find much evidence of on an about page. :)

What I can tell you, though, is that God has put a calling on my heart that manifests itself in two very different ways. One way is to pour into the next generation. To use stories to communicate the truth about God’s word (his love, power, peace, joy, strength, grace, and hope as well as what that means for our identity). The second is to regularly reflect on the stories the world tells, those we tell, and how we tell them.

It would be easy to neglect the second thing. What difference does reflecting on stories make? But it is just as important as the first because if we lose sight of what we believe (or don’t believe), it won’t be long before we lose sight of who we are, who God calls us to be, and what he wants to do in and through us.

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Jim Miesner

An everyday, Jesus-loving dad obsessed with stories.